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Christmas Promotion

Dear old and new friends:
The busy and fulfilling 2018 is coming to an end. Our company sincerely appreciates you who have accompanied us all the way. I wish you all the fruits of the past year and the upcoming year of harvest.
Looking back on 2018, our company is also a year of rapid growth and major breakthroughs in technological innovation. In April 2018, we launched the Ready-to-Use kit line. It is a very big good news for the customers who are time-starved, laboratory conditions limited, and storage inconvenient. Our company participated in the Analytica in Munich, Germany and the Analytica in Shanghai, China. This two professional trade shows allow us not only to display our product images and new selling points of new products, but also to bring different highlights to the friends in the industry.
In terms of service, our company has established Germany stock, which not only brings convenience to European customers, but also saves freight. Now, our company has introduced another value-added services to bulk samples customers for multiple orders: Lock out the same batch reserved to reduce any errors in the end-user experimental process and achieve a 0 inter assay variations(%CV).
For Christmas, our company launches some promotions,to get more information,  you could contact our professional staff directly: info@dldevelop.com.cn

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