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Reviewing Analytica China 2018

Analytica China 2018 has been successfully concluded on Nov 2.
As an international exposition in the field of analytica and biochemical technology, Analytica China has become an important professional exposition and exhibition platform in the field of analysis, laboratory technology, diagnosis and biochemical technology in China and even Asia.
DLdevelop participated in Analytica China 2018 and achieved good publicity results. At the exhibition, our colleagues in the attitude of seeking truth from facts, professionally showed the advantages and selling points of our Elisa kits to customers, this will be the highlight of our kits in many choices.
Dldevelop’s Elisa kit has high stability, long shelf life, and is not easy to deteriorate during transportation. Different from other brands' two product lines (traditional elisa kit and ready-to-use elisa kit), excellent technology and after-sales guarantee, which will bring new quality and experience to customers. Bringing new quality and experience. Our company, together with technicians, will take our own Chinese kit to a new level in a scientific and rigorous way!

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