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Welcome Cellspect Co., Ltd. to Visit our Company

On September 13, 2018, Gao Jinghao, the business minister, Lin Xiuyang, director of the R&D department, Mr. Guo Tingfang, who is in charge of business department/R&D department and international business, Takano Satoshi, from Cellspect Co., Ltd. , visited our laboratory under the leadership of our sales manager Judy.
First of all, we introduced our company's development history to our guests. Then we gave our customers a detailed introduction of our company's latest ready-to-use kit line, and showed samples of ready-to-use kit and traditional kit. We shared the advantages, sales points in details. Our long shelf life gave our customers much confidence in our products, and we also appreciated Cellspect Co., Ltd. also introduced the development and plan of their own. After a series of conversations, the two sides have strengthened their recognition and trust. We also said that the products will be better and more refined, and the service will be more intimate and meticulous. We hope that both sides can have much close cooperation.



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