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The advantages of waking up early

Make your whole year's plans in spring and your day's plan early in the morning. It is known to all that early to bed and early to rise is good for health, but do you know exactly what advantages it has to us?
More happiness
Young or old, early risers have one more positive emotion and feel better about themselves.
More energetic
Early risers generally wake up faster, have a clearer mind, are able to engage quickly in demanding activities, are less sleepy and have more energy.
More efficiency
There are fewer distractions in the early morning, when energy is at its peak, so you can focus on the most difficult tasks: planning and decision-making. So as to be more efficiency.
Low risk of depression
People who stay up late are more likely to suffer from depression. Early risers are better organized, better prepared, less flustered, and therefore less depressed. Another reason is that early risers get enough sleep, and lack of sleep is also a major cause of depression.
Be kinder
A psychology study from University of Sydney has found, early risers are generally nicer people. Less are the "dark three”: egocentric (narcissists), adventurous and aggressive (psychopaths), and liars who play games (schemers).
Better grades
If you can get up early, you can do things better. A study by the University of Texas found that college students who were early risers had better overall academic performance than those who woke up later.
So, to be one better person, start getting up early!

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