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Why it is so difficult to stop taking drugs?

In recent years, some news about stars being caught taking drugs frequently appears. Knowing that taking drugs does great harm to people, why do they take drugs? What makes it difficult for them to stop taking drugs? Let me reveal the secret for you.
First of all, we should know why they become addicted. There are endorphins in the body that are responsible for the pain relief. They are the natural substances of our body. Our bodies rub their joints every day, and without endorphins, the pain of joint friction alone, let alone intense work, prevents us from moving freely. It can be said that the human body can move freely, because of the morphinoid substances. In addition to analgesic functions, these peptides also have many other physiological functions, such as regulating body temperature, cardiovascular and respiratory functions. When heroin enters the body, the foreign morphinoid peptide substance is bound to reduce and inhibit the secretion of its own morphinoid peptide until it completely stops secreting.
Finally, the user can only rely on heroin, the foreign morphinoid peptide substance to maintain the physiological activities of the human body. So, once you stop taking this foreign morphine peptide substance, your physiological function will be disorder, the pain is unbearable, like ten thousand ants eat bone, this is the principle of addiction attack.These withdrawal symptoms can only be relieved if morphine is resupplied. This is why it is so difficult to stop taking drugs.
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