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Acetic Acid Can Cause Movement Problems

Drinking alcohol is harmful to health. The main ingredient in alcohol is ethanol. After ethanol enters the human body, it may cause irritation to the gastric mucosa, especially for people with basic stomach problems. After prolonged exposure to alcohol stimulation, it may cause stomach problems and cause stomach problems. Ulcers and even stomach cancer. In addition, after drinking, the ethanol in alcohol is mainly metabolized by the liver. Drinking for a long time will increase the burden on the liver, especially for people with liver disease. If you drink for a long time, it will cause alcoholic liver disease and even alcoholic cirrhosis, which will eventually lead to liver cancer.
Not only that, drinking will also be accompanied by many side effects, such as visual impairment, uncoordinated limb movement, and retardation of motor reflexes. Therefore, drunk driving is an extremely dangerous behavior. It is self-evident that alcohol can cause brain function and behavioral disorders, but how alcohol does this has not been studied clearly.
Recently, a research team from the National Institutes of Health found that the balance and motor coordination disorders caused by drinking are not mediated by ethanol itself. It is mediated by one of its metabolites-acetic acid (that is, acetic acid, the main component of vinegar).
Previous related studies believed that the influence of alcohol on behavior was mainly caused by ethanol and its metabolite acetaldehyde, while acetic acid has always been regarded as a harmless alcohol metabolite. However, the research team found in the study that acetic acid can increase GABA levels in mouse brain tissue, mediate alcohol-induced dyskinesia, and disrupt the balance and coordination of the cerebellum. Further studies have found that astrocytes in the cerebellum can express acetaldehyde dehydrogenase 2 (ALDH2) and can convert ethanol into acetic acid. The traditional view is that acetic acid is produced by liver metabolism. To further verify the above results, the researchers knocked out the gene that expresses ALDH2 in astrocytes in mice. The mice with the knockout gene showed resistance to alcohol-induced balance and motor coordination disorders, which means that the star The ALDH2 of glial cells is necessary for certain behavioral effects of alcohol.
This study shows that acetic acid is not a harmless alcohol metabolite. Astrocytes in the cerebellum metabolize ethanol to acetic acid through ALDH2 enzyme. The acetic acid metabolite will increase the level of GABA in the cerebellum and be induced by the GAB Aergic mechanism. The body's drunk balance and motor coordination are impaired.
Moreover, this research also reminds us that even those metabolites that we consider to be harmless may be the culprits of the body's obstacles!
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