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Why is cancer so difficult to cure?

As we all know, cancer is one of the most difficult diseases to cure in the world. Many people who have cancer are basically counting their time to die. Cancer is actually a disease caused by cancer cells, and we all have cancer cells in our bodies, which mean that everyone is likely to get cancer. Now that science is so advanced, why is cancer so difficult to cure?
The first reason is that cancer is "endogenous" cancer cells are part of a patient's body. Getting rid of cancer is not that easy. Cancer cells are human cells, even though they have gone bad. So if you treat them with chemotherapy drugs, it almost a thousand kills and eight hundred damages and it have serious side effects. The second reason cancer is difficult is that cancer is not a single disease, but a combination of thousands of diseases. Because of the diversity of cancers, drug companies are almost bound to develop drugs for a small number of patients at a time. 10 years + $2 billion! With so much time and money invested, we are making slow progress and there is no way to conquer all cancers. The third is mutant resistance to cancer. Biological evolution is a double-edged sword. Nature gives us this ability to adapt to different environments, but cancer cells not only retain their basic evolutionary ability, but they are also stronger, and they are constantly changing in response to the drugs that we give them, and trying to evade the effects of the drugs.
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