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How to effectively reduce the risk of diabetes

Share an article published in Diabetologia: A 20-year large-scale study of analysis demonstrated that high level of cardiovascular fitness (CRF) is very important to reduce the incidence of diabetes and pre-diabetes.
Study shows that higher levels of pre-diabetes and heart and lung function and reduced risk of diabetes, in which the height adjustment — still exist after the body mass index. Although high levels of cardiorespiratory function may be related to genetic factors, but physical activity can increase heart and lung function it is well known. The study found that when using the treadmill, cardio each additional 8–11%, pre-diabetes or diabetes risk fell 0.1%. To achieve this intensity of exercise, you’re required to do high-intensity exercise for 30 minutes every day and five days a week; or 40 minutes of moderate exercise a day and five days a week.
The study is clinically relevant. It provides evidence to support the widely accepted creed: sports and fitness are an effective way to reduce the risk of diabetes.
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