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Tumor immunotherapy will emerge in the future 

The goal of tumor immunotherapy is the body's own immune system, which does not directly target tumor cells. This new treatment method will promote immune cells such as human T cells to fight and clear tumors through immune response.
In 2013, Science magazine ranked tumor immunotherapy as the top of the top ten scientific breakthroughs. Immunotherapy is expected to become a new generation of cancer treatment methods after surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and tumor targeted therapy.From PD-(L)1 antibodies to CAR-T, advances in tumor immunology are changing the treatment criteria for many cancer types, and the paradigms of drug development and cancer treatment are often rewritten.At present, a large number of new research varieties and companies are entering the field of tumor immunotherapy in an unprecedented amount.However, tumor immunotherapy is not a blockbuster, but has experienced a 136-year journey. In addition, immunotherapy has many challenges that restrict its innovation and further development.
In the past 10 years, immunotherapy has been hailed as the most promising means for humans to overcome cancer. It is a tool for researchers and a hope for cancer patients.From PD-1 to CAR-T, we are waiting for the latest progress in immunotherapy every day, hoping that it can enter the clinic early and reduce the suffering of cancer patients.However, immunotherapy is not a one-off process. After 136 years of long research and development, we really found a way to use cancer immunotherapy.In the process, countless scientists have worked tirelessly to create the immunotherapy we see today.
Dldevelop is one of the leading ELISA kits suppliers in China. ELISA,also known as enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay,its basic principle is to immobilize a certain concentration of antigen or antibody on the surface of the polystyrene microplate by physical adsorption, and add the sample to be inspected, indirect reflection of the presence or absence or quantity of the antigen or antibody being detected by the depth of the color of the enzyme standard. ELISA technology as one of immunolabeling techniques, including immunofluorescence technology, immunoradiometric technology, immunoenzymatic technology and immunocolloidal gold technology, has been widely used in scientific research and clinical experiments, and has the characteristics of rapid, qualitative or quantitative or even positioning.Among the ELISA methods, the more common methods are double antibody sandwich method, competition method, indirect method, double antigen sandwich method, and capture method.

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