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1.Need help?

Please input the protein abbreviation or alias you are interested in. If there is any ELISA Kit or data you can’t find through our website,please kindly contact our sales representative or info@dldevelop.com.cn for further request.
You can also download the data you need.


2. Why choose us?

  • 3 times QC before delivery.
  • 12-month shelf life.
  • 24T free trial ELISA kit.
  • Strong technical support
  • Prompt response
  • After-sales service guarantee.

3. How to get technical support?

If you have any doubt or question on our products, please leave a message online or contact our technical email tech@dldevelop.com.cn or info@dldevelop.com.cn.
Also, our sales representative will also help you out directly.

4. What’s the after sales service promise?

Once there is any problem in your experiment, you’re welcome to consult our technical support. If it is operation problem, we’d like to offer according suggestion to help complete your experiment. However if it is the quality of our kit itself, we’ll resend you a replacement or refund.

In case, the kits you received were damaged or fragmentary, please make sure to notify us with photos in 7 working days(counted from the date it’s received). Or we’ll default the order is well received.

5. How to get bulk order discount?

Contact our sales representative directly or info@dldevelop.com.cn

6. What’s the leading time and shipping temperature?

Once we receive your payment, your order will be dispatched out in 3-5 working days. Shipping temperature is 2-8℃.

7. How to get our promotions?

We are happy to notify you that we’ll offer 3 special discount products regularly. They will be listed here

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