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Congratulations on the new progress in DLdevelop scientific research

The pleasant and fulfilling year of 2019 is drawing to a close, The year 2020 is coming, magical and fanciful, A new beginning, a new look.
In this year, DLdevelop constantly optimizes itself, improves itself and improves itself. We are most proud of the arrival of our newly developed antibodies. We are not only added Primary antibody, Secondary antibody but also FC antibody, This series of progress, all from our company culture over the years - down-to-earth, not arrogant, and focused on scientific research.
We will uphold the past fine traditional virtue, integration of the best quality resources, to provide more thoughtful and meticulous service for our customers, not only the high quality products, but also the good customer experience, for all partners in this field to provide a quiet and pure research environment.
Thank our partners at home and abroad for their trust and support over the years! We will do better and better in the future!

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