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Ways of Payment:
Beneficairy’s Bank: China merchants bank,head office, shenzhen,P.R.China
Beneficiary Account: 5109 0208 7832 801
Beneficiary Name: Wuxi donglin Sci and Tech Development Co.,Ltd.
Address: A3-South,100# shuigoutou,renminxi Rd,Wuxi,Jiangsu,214031,PRC.

P.S. Many customers wronged our company full name while doing the transfer. So we here now send you a kindly reminder to get your attention on this issue.

Pay by Paypal

If you prefer credit card, contact our sales representative. A payment guide email from zjz@dldevelop.com.cn will be sent to you soon. A payment guide will be sent to you through Paypal at once.

Customer Service

Judy  Customer service for Europe. If you’d like to get more details of our products, she’ll offer you a professional answer. judy@dldevelop.com.cn

 3 times QC before delivery.
 12-month shelf life.
 Strong technical support
 Prompt response
   After-sales service guarantee.

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