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Are e-cigarettes less harmful?

E-cigarettes are electronic products that mimic cigarettes,they have similar appearance, smoke, taste and feeling. It is one product that allows people to smoke Nicotine in the vapor state (by nebulization and other ways). For all the time, merchants always promote E-cigarettes with no harmful ingredients like Tar and aerosols. Even in the product introduction, under the banner of "smoking cessation device" "lung" and so on. But are e-cigarettes really less harmful?
E-cigarettes are not a small hazard
The experiment shows, when people use E-cigarettes, in addition to Nicotine, it is likely other undiscovered toxic compound will also be sucked into body. Meanwhile, the second-hand smoke that E-cigarettes produce, can do damage to people’s health. E-cigarettes also release inhalable liquid fine and ultra-fine particles, nicotine and carcinogens into the room
People who try e-cigarettes are more likely to switch to cigarettes
One research in America, focusing on the situation of Adolescent smoking, shows that, in 2013, over 260 thousand teenagers in America try smoking E-cigarettes, which is thrice the number in 2011. After trying E-cigarettes, 49.3% of the teenagers plan to smoke the traditional cigarettes while in 2011 only 21.5% of the teenagers have this plan.
Nicotine overload
Some e-cigarettes contain high levels of nicotine, which can be far more harmful than regular cigarettes. Although e-cigarettes do not contain tar, the nicotine in them is not harmless, and nicotine alone can pose health risks. Nicotine is not a carcinogen in itself, but it ACTS as a "tumor-starter". Moreover, there is ample evidence that exposure to nicotine in fetuses and adolescents has long-term adverse effects on brain development
E-cigarettes are more harmful
After study and analysis of e-cigarettes, Dr Elisabeth porter, director of the German federal center for health education finds E-cigarettes contain a large amount of propylene glycol, which will irritate the respiratory tract and cause some acute symptoms. As a result, e-cigarettes may be even more harmful to human health than traditional cigarettes.
E-cigarettes are no less harmful, and some may be even more so than traditional cigarettes. Quit smoking for the health of yourself and your family.

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