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Is obesity also a disease?

It is summer again. Some people began to worry about showing fat easily because of wearing less. So they started to lose weight. But do you konw? In ancient times, fat was considered as beauty. However, with the improvement of diet, more and more people are obese, and obesity is also defined as a disease by the World Health Organization (WHO). Obesity does great harm to people. Do you know what are the causes of obesity?
1. Genetic factor
Mostly recognized as "multifactorial inheritance". When the constitution of parents is passed on to their children, it is not determined by one genetic factor, but by the majority of genetic factors. So it's called multifactorial inheritance. For example, Non-insulin-dependent diabetes, obesity belong to this type. If one of the parent is obese, there is a 40% chance that the child will become obese. If both parents are obese, the chance of obesity increases to 70% to 80%. Examples of "multifactorial inheritance" are rare. Inheriting parents’”wrong eating habit”, and the examples that lead to obesity are not uncommon.
2. Social environmental factor
Many people have the idea that eating is bliss. In today's society, there is a wide variety of foods, and all kinds of foods are often tempting you. "Pigging out" has become an almost universal pastime. This is certainly a major cause of obesity.
3. Psychological factor
In order to relieve the emotional troubles and emotional instability, many people also use "eat" to vent. This is the cause of overeating and then causing obesity.
4. Exercise factor
Exercise helps to consume fat. In daily life, with the development of transportation, the mechanization of work, and the reduction of household chores, the body has less chance of consuming calories. On the other hand, because the energy intake does not decrease, it forms obesity. Obesity causes daily activities to become slower and lazy, and again reduces calorie consumption, leading to a vicious circle and contributing to obesity.
Therefore, for our bodies, but also our health, let’s start losing weight now.

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