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Foods that can prevent Cancer

Recently, one research published on NATURE magazine shows, part of foods we eat can prevent cancer, also with proper medicine, it will help cure cancer. Then, which food can prevent even cure cancer?
Pumpkin: known as “magic melon”
Some countries call it “magic melon”, because it can be both food and vegetable. Americans eat pumpkin on Thanks giving day to show their thankfulness to pumpkin. However, it is now barely seen in our country.
Sweet potato: gradually forgotten anti-cancer products
Sweet potato, is considered to be the best food to dispel diseases and prolong life, lose weight and health care. Actually sweet potato also has powerful cancer prevention function. Recently, scientists found a dehydroepiandrosterone in sweet potato, which can prevent the development of colon and breast cancer.
Bitter melon: li shizhen called it "first-class melon"
Bitter gourd in the treatment of folk polarization is serious, many people are very "good" this one, but also some people at a respectful distance. But it is the Ming dynasty medical scientist li shizhen, he called it "first-class melon", is a rare anti-cancer melon.
Western medicine has proved that the anticancer effect of bitter melon comes from quinine protein, which is an active protein that can activate immune cells, and kill cancer cells or other abnormal cells by "second hand" of immune cells. Balsam pear seed contains a protease inhibitor, which can inhibit the secretion of protease by tumor cells, thus inhibiting the invasion and metastasis of cancer cells.
Kelp: can prevent breast cancer and thyroid cancer
Kelp can prevent breast cancer and thyroid tumors. Kelp is rich in iodine, which can prevent the "big neck" disease. In fact, kelp has many other benefits. Its sodium alginate has a strong binding ability with strontium and cadmium, which have carcinogenic effects, and can expel them from the body. Kelp can selectively kill or inhibit the intestinal can produce carcinogenic bacteria, the fiber can also promote bile acid and cholesterol excretion,Kelp extracts have direct inhibitory effects on various cancer cells.

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