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Two proteins that effectively inhibit cancer

Cancer, which kills millions of people every year, is one of humanity's greatest health challenges.
On the way to conquer cancer, humans have tried direct surgical resection, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc., but have never seen the hope of a complete cure. Scientists have been trying to find ways to suppress the growth of tumors. Recently, a research report titled "Headcase and Unkempt Regulate Tissue Growth and Cell Cycle Progression in Response to Nutrient Restriction" published in the international magazine Cell Reports indicates, by studying the behavior of specific proteins in the Drosophila organism from Kansas State University, it may be possible to develop new strategies to inhibit human tumor growth.
The special protein in the Drosophila body is very similar to the human body, the researcher Jianzhong Yu said, the proteins called Hdc and Unk are two specific nutrient-restricted specific tumor suppressor proteins that form a complex that inhibits cell cycle progression and tissue growth, thereby responding to nutrient stress in the Drosophila organism.
The researchers said that considering the human body also carries proteins similar to Drosophila, the results of this study suggest that Hdc and Unk may be special tumor suppressor proteins in the human body. Although the researchers did not clarify the specific role of the Unk protein in the context of cell proliferation, they found that Hdc and Unk proteins inhibited tissue growth in the Drosophila model in vivo.
Finally, the researchers said that they will conduct more in-depth research to investigate the growth control functions of these two proteins in the human body, especially during tumorigenesis. They also hope to develop new treatments that effectively inhibit cancer in the human body.
I believe that with the efforts of generations of medical researchers, the cancer, currently called "terminal disease", will eventually be overcome by us one day. Although cancer may not be completely cured for a while, a healthy attitude towards life will be of great benefit to keep us away from cancer. Therefore, don't you put down your cigarette, eat regular meals, keep regular hours, control your weight, and exercise?

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