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Our technical team will regularly release the latest study and objective testing results as well. We will also keep our partners or end-users upated of our new testing technique.


MMP-25 can Promote the Ubiquitination of TRAF6

mediating the activation of NF-KB and inflammation caused by LPS...[Read More]


FC-optimized CD40 Agonist Antibodies can Induce a Persistent Anti-tumor Response

Recombinant human immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies can enhance the anti-tumor immune response The stimulatory receptor CD40 plays a central role in the development of anti-tumor immunity and tumor-specific T cell responses ...[Read More]


Analysis of Human Feces From Thousands of Years Ago Sheds Light on the Evolutionary History of the Human Microbiome

human symbiotic flora can affect our health, physique, personality and even thinking to a certain extent ...[Read More]


People Sleep Less in Middle Age

From this it seems that sleep time is closely related to cognitive ability, which reminds us to do our own time management, no matter how stressful work and life are, we must try our best to ensure our own sleep time! ...[Read More]


Creatine Kinase B

CKB is the most active of all creatine kinases in the process of fat cell heat production By regulating the production of CKB, it may be possible to reduce the complications caused by obesity ...[Read More]


Acetic Acid Can Cause Movement Problems

acetic acid is not a harmless alcohol metabolite Astrocytes in the cerebellum metabolize ethanol to acetic acid through ALDH2 enzyme The acetic acid metabolite will increase the level of GABA in the cerebellum and be induced by the GAB Aergic mechanism The body s drunk balance and motor coordination are impaired ...[Read More]


Why Catnip Can Repel Mosquitoes

It is particularly interesting that unlike mustard or garlic compounds that also activate these receptors in the human body, catnip seems to selectively activate insect TRPA1 This explains why it has no effect on humans, which also provides an important advantage for its use as a mosquito repellent ...[Read More]


How to Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is one of the most common malignant tumors in women, and it is also very difficult to treat What we can do is to have a regular physical examination and form a good living habit ...[Read More]


Why is cancer so difficult to cure?

Cancer is actually a disease caused by cancer cells, and we all have cancer cells in our bodies, which mean that everyone is likely to get cancer Now that science is so advanced, why is cancer so difficult to cure?...[Read More]


How to effectively reduce the risk of diabetes

A 20-year large-scale study of analysis demonstrated that high level of cardiovascular fitness (CRF) is very important to reduce the incidence of diabetes and pre-diabetes ...[Read More]


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Need more product data please contact us : info@dldevelop.com.cn or service@dldevelop.com.cn. We will reply you within 12 hours.

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