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Brand Introduction

The history of DLdevelop
Wuxi Donglin Sci & Tech Development Co.,Ltd. founded in 1998, is dedicated to providing high-quality products for research and diagnostic needs. Headquartered in Wuxi, it has branches in Shanghai, Canada and Germany.
Now we stock kits in Canada and Germany
We will Shipment nearby to reduce our distributors’  shipping costs
Main products: ELISA Kits
What is elisa kit?
The elisa kit is for the in vitro quantitative measurement of the target material in serum, plasma, tissue homogenates, cell lysates, cell culture supernates and other biological fluids.
End user source
University,  medical college, testing laboratory, research institute, Hospital research center laboratory, and center for disease control and prevention.
Why choose DLdevelop
First, the quality:
 DLdevelop’s elisa kits have high quality, high stability and high sensitivity.
We won CE and ISO9001:2015 quality certificate.
Second, the two product lines
 Traditional ELISA Kit and Ready-to-Use ELISA Kit. They have different selling points that the other brands don’t have.
1>Traditional ELISA Kit
Its quality has been proved by repeated verification and destructive tests.
The specific ways of destructive tests: High temperature damage, long time preservation and other experimental verification ways. A number of data showed that our kit has the high stability. So we are pretty sure of our quality and marked our shelf life to 12 months, technical support service extends to 12 months as well.
Advantages of Concentrated ELISA KIT:
1) Competitive price. The concentrated elisa kit price will be fully adjusted when the Ready-to-use elisa kit is launched.
2) High sensitivity. For some hard-to-detect samples can also be achieved. Customers with special requirements are welcomed to inform our technical support in advance, and we can customize the most optimized ELISA kit for you.
3) High stability. Faced with the inevitable factors such as transportation time and different temperature during transportation, the quality is still stable and the experiment results keep its repeatability.
4) 12 months shelf life, which is 6 months longer than other manufacturers.
2>Ready-to-Use ELISA KIT
With the tireless efforts of our technicians, we launched our Ready-to-Use elisa kit in April. The superior product is rare and different from any other manufacturers.
Advantages of Ready-to-Use ELISA KIT:
1) Detection Reagent A and B have all diluted well so it can save the time for the preparation.
2) Steps are reduced and operation becomes easier, which reduce the probability of errors in the experiment.
3) All the reagents can be stored at 4oC. No need to store all components separately any more. It can easily avoid the confusion between batches, mishandling and the risk of wasting a whole kit because of one component missing.
4) 12 months technical support can be offered.
5)The reaction time was shortened than other brands
Third, attentive service
1) Our two product lines have more new selling points and can help dealers attract more users.
2) The dealer we cooperate will have 0 risk. Once after-sale problem appears, we will solve it together. The reasons will be analyzed and some corresponding advice is provided gladly after receiving the experiment results from customer. We will meet end user’s requirement to resend or refund even though it is not our quality problem and will afford the risk for our agent.
3) There are more options for customers. They can choose the most suitable product according to the different characteristics of two types, combining their own experimental needs and budget.
4) Now we have American warehouse, European warehouse and Chinese factory. We will arrange the transportation according to destination to shorten the lead time, avoid the risk of custom clearance or holiday delay and cut down the shipping costs for our agent.

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