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Scientists Have Discovered a New Mechanism by Which a High-Fat Diet Increases the Risk of Colorectal Cancer

High-fat diet (HFD) increases the risk of colorectal cancer through multiple mechanisms. The interaction between the immune system and cancer cells is an important link, but the mechanism of immune cells in this process is still unclear.
Recently, research teams such as the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in the United States and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have discovered that HFD increases the risk of colorectal cancer by affecting the interaction between intestinal microbes, intestinal stem cells (ISCs) and immune cells. Related research results were published in "Cell Stem Cell", entitled: Dietary suppression of MHC class II expression in intestinal epithelial cells enhances intestinal tumorigenesis.
The study confirmed that when HFD enters the intestine, it will reduce the diversity of intestinal microbes, resulting in a significant decrease in intestinal Helicobacter bacteria, affecting the function of pattern recognition receptor (PRR) and interferon gamma (IFN-γ), thereby it inhibits the expression of ISCs-specific MHC class II molecules in intestinal epithelial cells, and increases the risk of colorectal cancer.
This study preliminarily analyzed the molecular mechanism of colorectal cancer caused by high-fat diet, and provided new ideas for the development of new methods for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of colorectal cancer.
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