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DLdevelop is focus on the researching and developing ELISA Kits,Our products cover cytokines, Tumor immunity,Infection immunity,Developmental science,Bone metabolism,Cardiovascular biology,Signal transduction,Endocrinology,Hormone metabolism and other fields
product and service feature :
● All our kits 3 times QC before despatched out.
● Shelf life to 12 months (not 6 months) with our mature technical
● We have 24T test sample elisa kits.
● Strong technical support
● Prompt respond
● Guarantee of after-sales service
Bulk orders for special discount that save the users’ scientific research funds
Special value added service:
The ELISA Kits are in stock of the same batch. If you have the plan to order the ELISA Kit again within 3 months, please kindly get in touch with our sales representative right now. The same batch kits can be reserved for you priority.
We have 2 product lines traditional and ready-to-use kit:
The features of our traditional kits and ready-to-use kits
Our company have two different product lines, both of which have their unique selling point. Here are the features of these two product lines.
The traditional kit
The kit is of high quality and stability. 
But you should store its reagents separately.
TMB stop solution and washing buffer should be stored at 4 ℃ while the plate, detection reagent A, detection reagent B, standards should be stored at -20 ℃.
The ready-to-use elisa kit 
l  The detection reagent A and B in this kit have already been diluted, so users can skip the process of dilution.
l  The kit can simplify our users’ experimental steps. 
l   Compared with the traditional kit, the ready-to-use kit has reduced the testing time by one hour, which greatly save our users’ time.
l   You can store the whole kit at 4 ℃ instead of storing the reagents separately.
Both of these kits have high quality and 12- month shelf life.
Our products can satisfy market’s need according to our users’ budget and experiment requirements.
I am definitely sure these are our unique advantages for you to develop market and promote our products.
Our after-sales commitment:
We suggest our partner send the order to customer as soon as they receive it and store it according to our manual. The kit’s specification is 96-Well 12x8 detachable strip plate. If there are some unused strip plate, keep it well and it can be used in your next experiment.
Any question or difficulty, please feel free to contact us via service@dldevelop.com.cn

If there is any quality problem on our product, we will send a replacement or refund to you as you requested. If it is your operation problems, we’ll give you according suggestions till you finish your experiment.

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