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No Wrinkles is not a Dream? Experts Find Key Protein to Keep Skin Young

Recently, scientists at the University of Colorado have determined the key mechanism that promotes skin aging through research in mice in the laboratory, discovered a key protein compound that can delay aging, and developed two new drugs based on this.
It is reported that there are a large number of cells deep in the surface layer of people's skin. When the cells contain a higher amount of protein, the skin will look young. In the case of "survival of the fittest," these strong and healthy skin cells tend to be more competitive than those fragile cells. However, as people age, there will be fewer and fewer strong skin cells, and weaker cells will replace, protein levels will also decrease, skin cells will gradually age, deform, lack elasticity, and become Thinner and more fragile, wrinkles will gradually develop.
In addition, exposure to toxic chemicals or stress such as sunburn can also reduce the level of COL17A1 collagen. However, the researchers said that they have found a way to increase protein levels, which gives hope to those who wish to have a younger appearance. In addition, the drug may also help wound healing and even prevent skin cancer.
Researchers wrote in the journal Nature that they discovered two compounds that promote the activity of collagen COL17A1. When applied to the skin, the chemicals Y27632 and apocynin promote wound repair by promoting skin cells to produce high levels of COL17A1. This discovery points out the direction for promoting skin regeneration and delaying skin aging.
Professor Ganna Bilusova and Professor James DeGregori of the University of Colorado also believe that this discovery may help prevent tumors. They said that healthy stem cells can also inhibit tumor production after years of reproduction, because these healthy stem cells compete (or engulf) with damaged stem cells and tumor-prone cells. In addition, this study also proved that healthy mammalian cells can also effectively repopulate adult tissues, replacing unhealthy or damaged cells.
Professor Ganna Bilusova and Professor James DeGregori also wrote that both of these chemicals promote wound healing on the tail skin of mice, providing a rationale for the therapeutic potential of the new drug. This discovery also points out the direction for the regeneration of other organs besides the skin. Future research needs to determine the mechanism of cell competition in other tissues and determine compounds that can reverse the aging of other organs.
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