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Our technical team will regularly release the latest study and objective testing results as well. We will also keep our partners or end-users upated of our new testing technique.


Five ways that can help you overcome the stress

No matter where your stress comes from, here are five tips that may help you cope with stress effectively ...[Read More]


Eating more animal protein may increase the risk of death

Meat-eating is a way of life many people enjoy, but a diet rich in animal protein, especially meat, has been found to have no health benefits ...[Read More]


Bath before bed will help you get a good night’s sleep

A hot bath 1-2 hours before bed can significantly improve sleep quality, according to research by scientists from institutions like the university of Texas ...[Read More]


Is it truly useful to eat collagen?

In the eyes of beauty lovers, collagen is usually sacred It can not only soften the skin, but also delays aging and counter-aging growth It is simply omnipotent and omnipotent However, is it truly so magic?...[Read More]


Benefits of Long-term Vegetarian

With the development of society, everyone is paying more and more attention to their own health, so eating vegetarian food has become a good way to maintain health So, what are the benefits of vegetarianism?...[Read More]


Two proteins that effectively inhibit cancer

by studying the behavior of specific proteins in the Drosophila organism from Kansas State University, it may be possible to develop new strategies to inhibit human tumor growth ...[Read More]


Low LDL cholesterol increases the risk of hemorrhagic stroke

Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is a kind of lipoprotein particle that carries cholesterol into peripheral tissue cells It can be oxidized to oxidized low-density lipoprotein (LDL) ...[Read More]


Foods that can prevent Cancer

Recently, one research published on NATURE magazine shows, part of foods we eat can prevent cancer, also with proper medicine, it will help cure cancer Then, which food can prevent even cure cancer? ...[Read More]


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