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+6000 kinds of ELISA kits with high stability.

We focus on developing a wide range of ELISA kits with high quality in diverse applications to support biological scientists and researchers. Every month, three off-price products are offered in return for market’s recognition.

General Lipopolysaccharides (LPS) ELISA Kit

Synonyms:LOS; Lipoglycans; Lipooligosaccharide; Lipo-Oligosaccharide; Endotoxin

General Lipopolysaccharides (LPS) ELISA Kit
Catalog number DL-LPS-Ge
Range 3.12-200ng/mL
Reactivity LPS
Size 96-Well 8*12Strip Plate
Assay length 1-4.5Hours

 3 times QC before delivery.
 12-month shelf life.
 Strong technical support
 Prompt response
    After-sales service guarantee.

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