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Our technical team will regularly release the latest study and objective testing results as well. We will also keep our partners or end-users upated of our new testing technique.


What is the result of adenosine deaminase abnormality?

Adenosine deaminase (ADA) is an important enzyme in the metabolism of purine nucleosides and belongs to the thiol enzyme It contains at least 2 active thiol groups per molecule, and its activity can completely inhibit chloromercuric acid Adenosine deaminase activity is a sensitive indicator of liver damage It can be used as one of the routine tests for liver function The liver enzyme zymogram with glutamate aminotransferase can reflect the enzymatic changes of liver disease When the ADA is abnormal, it also indicates the arrival of the disease ...[Read More]


Eating too much protein can cause osteoporosis?

Studies have shown that a high-protein diet increases urinary calcium excretion They think it may be because high protein intake produces excessive acid, bone calcium dissolves buffer acid, and is discharged with urine, which easily leads to loose quality Is this real? Of course it is fake, and some people have studied the stable isotope of calcium, showing that the main source of urinary calcium is the intestines rather than the bones, so eating more protein does not cause osteoporosis, then what causes bone loose?...[Read More]


New reasons for sleep

Why do animals sleep? Why is half of human life spent on sleeping? Do all living things need sleep? What good can sleep bring to us?...[Read More]


New diabetes therapy

When we eat, the body s insulin level will rise, it will send a signal to promote the absorption of circulating glucose by skeletal muscle In the body of diabetic patients, this process is often damaged, which is called insulin resistance ...[Read More]


The harm of excessive protein

Protein is the material basis of life Without protein, there is no life But eating too much has side effects, and so is protein Blindly supplement protein, resulting in excess protein in the body will lead to a lot of health problems ...[Read More]


How much protein do we need every day?

Protein can be said to be the material basis of life It is not only an important component of the body, but also regulates physiological functions (enzymes and some hormones) In extreme cases, it can also provide energy for human life activities So how much protein do we need to consume every day?...[Read More]


Gene mutations in B cells increase with age

Lymphocyte is a kind of white blood cell It is the smallest white blood cell and is produced by lymphatic organs, and is an important cellular component of the body s immune response function Lymphocytes can be divided into T lymphocytes, B lymphocytes and natural killer cells Some researchers have found that the number of somatic mutations in human B lymphocytes increases with age ...[Read More]


The first successful T cell immunotherapy for advanced breast cancer

T cells in a woman with metastatic breast cancer eliminate her tumor, researchers report today (4 June) in nature medicine This is the first time that advanced breast cancer has been successfully treated with t-cell immunotherapy ...[Read More]


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