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Our technical team will regularly release the latest study and objective testing results as well. We will also keep our partners or end-users upated of our new testing technique.


Some pseudoscience about proteins

In our circle of friends and Weibo, there are always a variety of pseudo-scientific knowledge about proteins Inadvertently you will become the one who is "shot " Now let s talk about a few pseudo-sciences about proteins ...[Read More]


Where did the protein go after it entered the body?

Protein is involved in the formation of all life forms and the material basis of all life We consume a lot of protein every day, but do you know where the protein goes after it enters the body?...[Read More]



It consists of two monomeric forms, orexin A and orexin B It is a neuropeptide secreted mainly by the cells of the lateral hypothalamus and capable of regulating the body s feeding and energy balance It plays a very important role in energy metabolism ...[Read More]


What is the "zombie deer"?

Some time ago, in 22 states and two provinces in Canada, a deadly disease was attacking local deer herds The sick deer showed symptoms like "zombies " and was called "zombie deer "...[Read More]


Spring Outing

Hills clothed in green and fragrance stretches for hundreds of miles On March 30, the company organized a two-day trip to Jiangxi for all employees ...[Read More]


Can the Genes of Genetically Modified Foods Express Toxic Proteins in Humans?

In theory, the genes of genetically modified foods cannot be expressed in humans ...[Read More]


What Kind of Protein is More Suitable for us?

Speaking of protein, everyone knows that it is a good thing Muscles need it, and weight loss also needs it Eggs, milk, meat and other proteins that we eat more often in our lives Do you know what kind of protein is more suitable for us?...[Read More]



There are a large number of mutated proteins in tumors, one of which is called histone The normal function of this protein is to package DNA to help regulate gene expression But according to a recent study, the so-called tumor histones in tumors are far more common than we thought ...[Read More]


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