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Protein Information

Our company is a partner of prestigious network services to provide customers with the most authoritative information about proteins and genes for reference.


How much protein do we need every day?

Protein can be said to be the material basis of life It is not only an important component of the body, but also regulates physiological functions (enzymes and some hormones) In extreme cases, it can also provide energy for human life activities So how much protein do we need to consume every day?...[Read More]


Gene mutations in B cells increase with age

Lymphocyte is a kind of white blood cell It is the smallest white blood cell and is produced by lymphatic organs, and is an important cellular component of the body s immune response function Lymphocytes can be divided into T lymphocytes, B lymphocytes and natural killer cells Some researchers have found that the number of somatic mutations in human B lymphocytes increases with age ...[Read More]


The first successful T cell immunotherapy for advanced breast cancer

T cells in a woman with metastatic breast cancer eliminate her tumor, researchers report today (4 June) in nature medicine This is the first time that advanced breast cancer has been successfully treated with t-cell immunotherapy ...[Read More]


Some pseudoscience about proteins

In our circle of friends and Weibo, there are always a variety of pseudo-scientific knowledge about proteins Inadvertently you will become the one who is "shot " Now let s talk about a few pseudo-sciences about proteins ...[Read More]


Where did the protein go after it entered the body?

Protein is involved in the formation of all life forms and the material basis of all life We consume a lot of protein every day, but do you know where the protein goes after it enters the body?...[Read More]



It consists of two monomeric forms, orexin A and orexin B It is a neuropeptide secreted mainly by the cells of the lateral hypothalamus and capable of regulating the body s feeding and energy balance It plays a very important role in energy metabolism ...[Read More]


What is the "zombie deer"?

Some time ago, in 22 states and two provinces in Canada, a deadly disease was attacking local deer herds The sick deer showed symptoms like "zombies " and was called "zombie deer "...[Read More]


Spring Outing

Hills clothed in green and fragrance stretches for hundreds of miles On March 30, the company organized a two-day trip to Jiangxi for all employees ...[Read More]


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