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Protein Information

Our company is a partner of prestigious network services to provide customers with the most authoritative information about proteins and genes for reference.


Benefits of Long-term Vegetarian

With the development of society, everyone is paying more and more attention to their own health, so eating vegetarian food has become a good way to maintain health So, what are the benefits of vegetarianism?...[Read More]


Two proteins that effectively inhibit cancer

by studying the behavior of specific proteins in the Drosophila organism from Kansas State University, it may be possible to develop new strategies to inhibit human tumor growth ...[Read More]


Low LDL cholesterol increases the risk of hemorrhagic stroke

Low-density lipoprotein (LDL) is a kind of lipoprotein particle that carries cholesterol into peripheral tissue cells It can be oxidized to oxidized low-density lipoprotein (LDL) ...[Read More]


Foods that can prevent Cancer

Recently, one research published on NATURE magazine shows, part of foods we eat can prevent cancer, also with proper medicine, it will help cure cancer Then, which food can prevent even cure cancer? ...[Read More]


What should we do if interleukin 4 is too high?

Then, what should we do if interleukin 4 is too high?...[Read More]


The benefits of exercise on the brain

We know that exercise has great benefits for our brain, but do you know what benefits exercise has for the brain? Next, let s talk about the benefits of exercise on the brain!...[Read More]


Is obesity also a disease?

Obesity does great harm to people Do you know what are the causes of obesity?...[Read More]


Are e-cigarettes less harmful?

For all the time, merchants always promote E-cigarettes with no harmful ingredients like Tar and aerosols Even in the product introduction, under the banner of "smoking cessation device " "lung " and so on But are e-cigarettes really less harmful?...[Read More]


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