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Protein Information

Our company is a partner of prestigious network services to provide customers with the most authoritative information about proteins and genes for reference.


Why do we age?

aging is a very complicated problem In addition to age, there are many factors that cause aging ...[Read More]


Inhibiting key proteins can prolong life

For many years, prolonging life has always been the goal of human pursuit The latest study found that inhibiting the expression of key proteins to improve the body s autophagy mechanism may achieve life extension ...[Read More]


Do your keys, phone, money need disinfecting when you return home?

Should we rinse all our belongings, including our smartphones, wallets, money and keys, with hot water and soap?...[Read More]


Can sleep really keep you healthy?

Getting enough sleep can help us lead a healthy lifestyle, and with the covid-19 pandemic affecting our quality of life, staying healthy should be a priority ...[Read More]


How to improve immunity

In front of COVID-19, in addition to doing daily protection work, improving immunity is also one of the most effective methods ...[Read More]


How should we exercise in the face of coronavirus

Against coronavirus, our immunity is crucial, and exercise is a very good way to improve our immunity But we need to be careful about how and where we exercise ...[Read More]


How can exercise make our brains healthier

exercise leads to better physical fitness, where participation in physical activity can modulate the brain to better understand a person s sensory environment ...[Read More]


HDL, the higher, the better?

new research from the university of Copenhagen and Copenhagen university hospital suggests that so-called good cholesterol HDL is linked to infectious diseases ...[Read More]


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