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Protein Information

Our company is a partner of prestigious network services to provide customers with the most authoritative information about proteins and genes for reference.


Expression and regulation of aquaporin in digestive system

Water plays an important role in the secretion, absorption and excretion of the digestive system, as well as maintaining the water balance of the entire body In recent years, it has been found that a large number of aquaporins are expressed in the digestive tract, suggesting that water molecules inside and outside the cell divide by simple transmembrane diffusion through the lipid bilayer membrane, and that there may also be a rapid transport mechanism of specific transmembrane transporters ...[Read More]


Whether Leptin Levels are Associated with Ectopic Inflammation

Sarcopenia is the reduction in skeletal muscle mass and function with age, and is a major public health concern ...[Read More]


IL6 May Have Autocrine Functions

IL6 may have autocrine functions ...[Read More]


Mitochondrial proteins that regulate longevity

Measured from laboratory animals to human patients, higher levels of Humanin are associated with longer life spans and better health It is also associated with a lower risk of diseases such as Alzheimer s ...[Read More]


A good vitamin D status can protect against cancer

a good vitamin D status is beneficial for cancer prevention and the prognosis of several types of cancer ...[Read More]


A key protein that regulates fat metabolism

the importance of the protein EHD2 in fat storage...[Read More]


The “Family” of Vitamin

Vitamins are organic micronutrients that are essential to the human body and important for the maintenance of normal metabolism, cellular regulation, growth, and development Humans require 13 dietary vitamins ...[Read More]


Unlock the key protein that controls the body clock

how biological machines involved in biological clock processes work...[Read More]


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